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Review: Rocco Spry – ‘Street Corner Mood’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Rocco Spry – ‘Street Corner Mood’

A rapper, singer, instrumentalist and producer from Hamburg, Germany, Rocco Spry has been laying down the foundations for his music career since he was a child. After first learning to play the piano at the age of just five years old, he’s since gone from strength to strength. Now aged twenty-one, Rocco has launched himself into the spotlight with brand new single ‘Street Corner Mood’, a deft blend of hip-hop, RnB, and frenetic trap sounds.

A restless epic that reflects the frantic energy of every busy street, ‘Street Corner Mood’ is an aural onslaught of heavy digital beats and Rocco’s unrelenting vocals, pushing the song forward with ease and an unflinching confidence.

Combining the hardest edges of rap and EDM, ‘Street Corner Mood’ never really gives up across three-minute run, and while it’s breakdown definitely slows the pace, it’s constantly pushing the song forward, keeping the energy high and the tempo on point, so when it finally blends back into the chorus, there’s no misstep or stuttering. It’s seamless, impressive, and brilliantly polished, with the production heightening every beat and creating a visceral sense of underlying atmosphere.

What’s most impressive about the single is that for all it’s rapid fire beats and high intensity delivery, Rocco has managed to build it around a solid RnB melody, ensuring that no matter how heavy or hectic the beats, you can always find your way back to that central hook. It’s a masterstroke of layering and quickfire composition, bringing together the dark brilliance of both genres into focus.

A cataclysmic mix, ‘Street Corner Mood’ has all the traits of a massive underground hit, and with the level of focus, drive, and confidence that Rocco has shown in this track alone, it’s easy to see him impressing more and more with each new single.

You can stream ‘Street Corner Mood’ alongside it’s official video above, or catch it on all major platforms by clicking here.

Score: 8.5/10

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