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Review: Ron Stills – ‘Gold’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ron Stills – ‘Gold’

A musician who has been writing songs for over a decade now, Ron Stills started his musical career at the young age of twelve, penning jingles and funny songs that he eventually developed into full-scale compositions. Based out of Riverside, CA, Ron is an artist with a talent for penning relatable, often emotional songs that connect with the heart and soul of his audience.

His latest release comes in the form on ‘Gold’, a clean and vibrant new track that shines with an honest sense of truth, heart, and emotional depth. Arriving on a stream of gentle acoustic guitar, the song sets a beautifully organic tone, offering elements of nuanced hip-hop that flicker in the background, adding weight and a controlled tempo to the mix. Although initially a clean and gentle track, ‘Gold’ builds to incorporate a dizzying array of samples and additional flourishes, layering the core acoustic sound with wonderfully diverse overtones.

Undoubtedly charming, Ron doesn’t stray from bringing his emotions into focus, offering streams of notable, romantic lines that drip with emotive brilliance. Creating a fine balance between, a calming, almost serene tone and more vibrant broader strokes, ‘Gold’ rings with a finely cultivated melody that appeals to both the contemporary and nostalgic scenes. Everything from the lyrics to the general vibe of ‘Gold’ leads towards emotional clarity, offering a passionate, kind-hearted, and unmistakably real illustration of Ron’s talent.

A song to remember and enjoy as often as possible, Ron has created a truly enjoyable track, and all we can hope for now is that there is much, much more to come.

You can stream ‘Gold’ now on Spotify, and be sure to follow Ron on his social media pages below for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 8.5/10

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