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Review: Rosalind Solomon – ‘Sanctuary’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Rosalind Solomon – ‘Sanctuary’

A musician and worshipper of Yahushua Jesus, Rosalind Solomon is a diverse and altogether intriguing talent. An artist with many talents to her name, Rosalind has created a diverse and impressive world of work in a multitude of mediums, arriving on the international scene as a fast-rising Gospel solo artist, speaker, Christian coach, independent writer, resilient Apostle, and a distinguished visionary who is dedicated to building the kingdom of God.

To date, Rosaline has inspired, encouraged, and empowered countless people the world over with her preaching, coaching, songs, radio shows, and publications, making her one of the most versatile religious performers around. Known for the vibrant, powerful and passionate manner in which she preaches, Rosalind has recently transferred that same energy to her music, releasing her latest album of jazz sounds and gospel messages into the world.

A six-track release, and the latest in a series of four EP’s, ‘Sanctuary’ holds a surprisingly contemporary sound that feels a world away from the timeless jazz sounds you might have expected. Built on a modern soul framework, opening track ‘Beautiful Gold’ rises from a rapid, repetitive beat and a calculated medley of digital tones that are quickly swept aside by Rosalind’s somehow synthetic sounding vocals. It’s a completely unexpected opening song, one of subtle melody and cloying sounds that pushes hard but lacks that human touch.

Second track ‘Never Alone’ manages to build on the flaws of its predecessor with a more intuitive sonic sound and far more impressive choruses, but it still holds firm to that emotionless, digital sheen, aiming to reach out and bring home, but failing to even come close. In a bewildering change of pace, third track ‘I Love Jesus’ arrives as a genuinely entertaining pop and Motown hybrid that is unfortunately spiked with sickly sweet, screeching choruses.

It’s ultimately the influence of Kay Jay that makes followings cuts ‘Closer’ and ‘Graceful Way’ more enjoyable than the previous songs, offering some relief and much-needed diversity into the mix before we’re launched back into one final devastating refrain in the title track.

In her time, Rosalind has proven her talents in a number of ways, earning an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, a further ten Christian Coaching certificates and diplomas, self-publishing over one hundred books, and using her blog and radio talk show to inspire her audience on a regular basis, but when it comes to music, she might have some work to do.

Score: 5.5/10

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