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Review: RoverBoyz Entertainment – ‘Find Me in My Abandoned Krib’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: RoverBoyz Entertainment – ‘Find Me in My Abandoned Krib’

Regular readers of our pages will already be acquainted with two members of the infamous RoverBoyz collective, LALO and Jackson Nuzzaci, but to those less discerning, the rest of the troupe might remain something of a mystery. A creative clan following the footsteps of visionaries such as Doomtree and the A$AP Mob, RoverBoyz have announced themselves in a fine and unflinching form with a collaborative new album that promises to set modern hip-hop on fire.

Brimming with the talents of the full collective, ‘Find Me in My Abandoned Krib’ is built on the diverse and multi-faceted sounds of LALO, Jackson, Cel, and the ever-present Geoevol.

Mixing old-school rap and layered hip-hop traditions with some truly modern beats and styling, the album marks the group’s first release as a collection, offering eight new cuts that continue to explore their journey through the modern and ever-changing rap world. In true LALO form, the album opens with a dark and off-kilter intro that instantly sets you on edge, creating an instantly engaging scene that transitions into the bustling, trippy sounds of ‘Go’.

An erratically styled piece that shimmers and shakes with minimalist beats and transient, looping vocals, it’s a collaborative track in every sense of the word, bringing to the fore each of the rapper’s talents in a flurry of rhythmic brilliance. It’s the only complete instance in which all four talents appear in the one creative space, and it’s perfectly placed at the very start of the release. As third cut ’13 Days’ surfaces, LALO and Jackson take flight, trading off one another with a string of clever rhymes and signature sounds, creating a dynamic that flows through the following four pieces. In ‘Barnum Ave’ LALO creates an evolved view of the saturated ‘gangster’ image, bringing Cel along for the ride and blending heavy tradition with dizzying trap anthemics that stands as a golden highlight on the record.

Fourth cut ‘Megalodon’ presents a lavish and unstoppable stream of creative samples of pop culture reference before LALO and Geoevol strike hard with Southern styles of ‘Alabama’. Closing with a rousing and self-reflective air, ‘Last Lie’ sees LALO and Jackson reunite for a final dark and driven anthem before the inspired record finally falls silent with the nuanced, almost melancholic tones of ‘Ain’t Sweet’.

Capturing the bold essence of the RoverBoyz, ‘Find Me in My Abandoned Krib’ is a rare release that will arguably launch a legacy. Brave, inventive, and wonderfully fresh, the album is a powerful representation of their individual and combined abilities, and it deserves to be treated with the highest regard.

You can stream ‘Find Me In My Abandoned Krib’ in full on Spotify and Apple Music now, and be sure to follow RoverBoyz Entertainment for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 9/10

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