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Review: Sanfred – ‘My Escape’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Sanfred – ‘My Escape’

A singer-songwriter who gave up his job and travelled to halfway across the world to chase his musical aspirations, Newcastle’s Sanfred is undoubtedly a talent on the rise. After previously releasing his self-titled EP, Sanfred flew to the UK and spent weeks at Song Mason Studio in Leeds, working with producer Ben Matravas to capture the perfect sound. Living in the studio and working five days a week for seven straight weeks, Sanfred put the final touches on ‘My Escape’, an album he described as, “my story over the last few years and it’s the most personal music I’ve done”.

A rhythmic and wonderfully driven release, ‘My Escape’ is a pure and poignant piece, one that details Sanfred’s experiences with love, break-ups, and life’s universal struggles. Drawing inspiration from artists such as City and Colour, The Beatles, and Ed Sheeran, Sanfred is able to create a timeless acoustic sound that is sure to forge a deep human connection.

Lead single ‘Cloud’ fades into view with unmistakable charm, tying together nuanced acoustic riffs with Sanfred’s rustic vocals and touching, emotive lyrics. Elsewhere on the album, ‘Shake Again’, ‘Wasting Away’, and the enduring title track perfectly showcases Sanfred’s textured songwriting and unique talents as an artist.

An accomplished release that paints a vivid picture of Sanfred’s unfolding style, ‘My Escape’ is a masterstroke that ultimately proves his trials were all well fought.

You can find ‘My Escape’ now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Score: 8.5/10

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