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Review: Scotty Seed - Scotty Seed

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Scotty Seed - Scotty Seed

A musician from the East Village of New York City, Scotty Seed is a unique musician with a strong and passionate heritage. A proud Italian and a strong member and supporter of the LGTBQ community, Scotty holds a lifelong obsession with art, fashion, and music. A musical chameleon, genre holds no sway over Scotty’s creative sound, with each of his songs showcasing an evolving sound shaped by elements of industrial, pop, grunge, electronica, and screamo music.

Inspired by the avant-garde and fearless creatives such as Crystal Castles, Marilyn Manson, Hole, David Bowie, Madonna, and Depeche Mode, Scotty’s music is a creative outlet and a way to cope with his constant battles with bipolar disorder. His latest album, Scotty’s eponymous release is a ten-track collection of eclectic soundscapes, bringing to light a visceral shade of electronic music, infused with punk rock and pop.

Opening with a lavish, ambient track that shines with a brave retro sound, ‘Brando Knows Best’ fades into existence with an instantly captivating sound. It’s an intriguing and nuanced introduction to Scotty’s style for the uninitiated, creating an impressive stage from which the rest of the album takes flight. Creating a cascading and cultivated series of sounds, the album rolls with a fine balance of eclecticism and escapism, blending vibrant electronic sounds with rhythmic dance energy and a flickering industrial edge.

Whether driving home a heavier EDM sound or creating an entrancing spiral of more delicate, textured notes, Scotty’s vocals soar above it all, bringing a wonderfully emotive harmony to the forefront of every piece. Defiant to the end, everything about the self-titled release is an eclectic triumph, putting Scotty firmly on the global scene.

You can find ‘Scotty Seed’ now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Score: 7.5/10

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