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Review: Seán Fox – ‘Wires’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Seán Fox – ‘Wires’

A stunning natural talent from the shaded city of Arklow, Seán Fox began his blossoming music career as both a solo performer and a part of Small Town Crisis, a powerful indie outfit who released their debut EP a little while ago. After focusing more on his solo career, Seán found space to move, and before long he was performing at historic venues such as the Rose of Tralee and singing before President Mary MacAleis.

Garnering praise from critics and fans alike, Seán’s music has become a central part of the contemporary Irish scene, and with news of his upcoming solo album spreading across the country, all eyes are firmly set in his direction. With two impressive singles from the album already released, Seán has now stepped into the spotlight with ‘Wires’, a driven guitar-heavy track backed by a solid four-four beat.

A single that builds momentum with ease, ‘Wires’ revels in a joyous indie vibe, offering a light, flickering melody that is matched perfectly by Seán’s emotive vocals. As guitars crash and collide upon a steady percussive beat, Seán regals his audience with the tale of a young man fighting to make contact with his lover after a fight, contrasting the sharp rhythms with a real and unwavering depth. The chorus is simply undeniable, offering comparisons to Sam Fender or The Crookes, and while it would be nice to have his vocals standing stronger and more pronounced, it’s impossible to deny the power of the piece.

A single that beautifully builds on the momentum of Seán’s previous work, ‘Wires’ is charming, ensnaring, and wonderfully built, ensuring that the full-length album will be one of this year’s most highly anticipated releases.

‘Wires’ will officially be released on February 21st, so be sure to follow Seán on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud below.

Score: 8.5/10

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