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Review: Senses Reeling – ‘Time’s Still Now’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Senses Reeling – ‘Time’s Still Now’

Hailing the South of England, Senses Reeling is a creative musical project with a broad creative scope and a diverse range of influences. Featuring driven arrangements and passionate, socially aware lyrics, their Bandcamp page is a treasure trove of songs, including three acclaimed EP’s that the band have released since 2012. An eclectic ensemble lead by Nick Fuller with Paul Midcalf, Senses Reeling finds their remaining numbers in a wave of collaborators including much lauded UK singer/songwriter Tom Williams, guitarist Mike Youé of The Blue Aeroplanes and singer Matthew Griffin (Nick Fuller’s partner in Rogue Beauty).

With 2019 now in full swing, the band have set in motion their debut album, the highly anticipated ‘Time’s Still Now’. Set for release on the 14th of June, the new album brings together ‘Someone Else’, the band’s previous single that won acclaim for its layered vocal beauty, and eleven new tracks that are ready to impress the world.

Influenced by the likes of The Blue Aeroplanes, Frank Turner, Squeeze, and Elbow, the indie appeal of Sense Reeling’s work is instantly apparent on their debut album, brandishing a firm melodic tone in each track that is infused with passionate lyrics and memorable, often haunting tones. Both lyrically and instrumentally, ‘Time’s Still Now’ carries the same weight and emotional atmospherics as landmark band’s such as The National, but their songs cling to a more vibrant sense of melody, combining elements of pop skilfully woven into the heavier musical fabrics.

Current single ‘Someone Else’ remains a firm highlight of the album, bringing its poignant lyrics and subtle acoustic guitar into play early in the release. It’s perfectly done, and thankfully not the only one of the album’s standout moments.

Elsewhere on the album, politically charged lyrics sit alongside electric, energised notes on ‘Press for Freedom’, a powerful call to arms regarding recent public enquiries into media behaviour and phone hacking in the UK, while ‘Foreign or Poor’ is brilliantly arranged to reflect the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower Fire, along with the continuing frustrations in the ongoing failure to recognise a history of similar problems in social housing where costs have been cut.

It’s songs like these that make the true emotional power of Senses Reeling’s music crystal clear, with every layered note, every haunting piano key, sweeping string movement, and melancholic chorus adding to the overarching brilliance and character of the album. Deft, spacious, and elegant, tracks like ‘The Rest of My Life’, ‘Together’, and ‘Belong’ prove that the album deserves more than simply bearing the pop or indie rock labels.

Built from true, honest, and most importantly, heartfelt strands of thought, ‘Time’s Still Now’ is the kind of album that British music has been waiting for. Unsullied by superfluous pop nonsense and unspoiled by the stale state of modern guitar music, it’s an album that has slipped between the cracks in both genres and found itself more enlightened for it.

‘Time’s Still Now’ will be officially released on June 14th this year, with physical copies and digital downloads available from Senses Reeling’s Bandcamp page below.

Score: 9/10

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