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Review: Shake The Temple – ‘Huntsman’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Shake The Temple – ‘Huntsman’

Born from an unshakeable passion for vintage metal and anthemic rock, Melbourne’s Shake The Temple have quickly become one of the most compelling new bands around. Formed by long-standing duo, Chris Hill and Dave Emms, Shake The Temple really came into being only recently with the addition of John Joseph, a veteran of Melbourne’s live music and pub rock scene.

An unlikely collaboration, Shake The Temple have quickly become renowned for their deep heavy tones, flaming melodies, and distorted rock vocals, paying homage to the classic sounds of rock while also striving to create something new. Unashamedly fusing pop energy with unrelenting metal, Shake The Temple have now unleashed their debut single onto the world, and it’s really something special.

Titled ‘Huntsman’, the new single has an assuming start, fading in with calling, atmospheric guitar chords that eventually erupts into the glorious sounds of mid-80’s hard rock. Electric guitars break upon a heavy, unrelenting drum beat, and above it all vocals howl and cast their might across an evolving soundscape. Pitching and turning, the song rises and falls several times throughout its five-minute run time, revelling in the classic sounds of nostalgic heavy metal.

It’s a powerful, anthemic track that conjures instant comparisons with rock titans like Guns n Roses and KISS, but more importantly, it’s a massive debut track that introduces Shake The Temple with purpose.

‘Huntsman’ is available to stream now via Spotify above, or you can purchase your own digital copy on Apple iTunes here.

Score: 8/10

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