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Review: Shorelines to Sutton – ‘The Desperate Few EP’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Shorelines to Sutton – ‘The Desperate Few EP’

An American rock group that have emerged from the ever-changing New York Rock scene, Shorelines to Sutton are a band pushing their way to the forefront of modern music. Their sound has best been described as a blend of driving rock and classic pop, bringing together catchy vocal-led melodies, heavy guitar hooks, and easily relatable lyrics to create an insatiable experience.

Their latest release is the four-track EP, ‘The Desperate Few’, a direct reflection of the key influences that have inspired the band’s co-founders over the years. An impressive introduction to the band, the EP is a driven release filled with energy, passion, and 90’s-tinged instrumentation. It’s a vibrant, polished piece that doesn’t hold back on infectious guitar riffs and explosive drum-lines.

Like a bolt of lightning, the EP hits hard and fast, sending electricity down your spine from the opening lines of ‘Waking Up’. Far from a one trick pony, the EP offers up an eclectic lick of creativity, serving up a more melodic hit in the likes of ‘Sifted’, and multi-faceted intrigue in closing number ‘Without The Sound’, that skips between anthemic majesty and evolved atmospherics.

It’s a short, but wonderfully visceral release, one that unapologetically looks to the past glory of rock music to light a path for future. The band clearly know where their strengths lie, and in the EP, they’ve pushed them to near-perfection. Forget the likes of Greta Van Fleet, this is where the real rock revolution lies.

‘The Desperate Few’ is available now on iTunes, or it’s free to stream via Spotify above.

Score: 9/10

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