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Review: Silas Luster - ‘W.A.V.’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Silas Luster - ‘W.A.V.’

A hip-hop artist and filmmaker from Provincetown, Massachusetts, Silas Luster has been popping up on our radar for a while now with talk of his new EP. After securing a number of features from the likes of Sleeping Bag Studios and Life of Creed for his single ‘Moldamensions’, Luster has now made his way firmly into our view.

Part of the creative collective The BuLife, who pride themselves on their honesty and aim to bring back transparency to hip-hop, Silas has released four mixtapes to date. His new EP, ‘W.A.V.’ is his first true release as a solo artist, and we’re proud to put it through its paces.

With minimalist instrumentals and vocals that rise above everything, ‘W.A.V.’ opens with ‘Sion’, a classic hip-hop cut that does away with polished production and superfluous thrills to bring a direct, passionate message. Percussion arrives halfway through, bringing some variation to the framework, but the track never really strays to far from a safe path. Lead single ‘Moldamensions’ picks things up, earning some notable praise, while ‘Diewititt’ punctures the mainstream sounds with some far more experimental flourishes, making it quite possibly the best song of the release.

Elsewhere on the EP, ‘O.S.H.N.’ brings some soulful vocals and a change of emotional pace, while ‘What’s Love?’ breaks down to a semi-poetic intermission of spoke word theatrics. Closing track ‘2004’ ends the EP on a high, bringing together more expansive instrumentals with a staggered beat and unorthodox style that captures the essence of the full release brilliantly.

An EP of obvious potential, Luster’s work on ‘W.A.V.’ suggests an expansive talent with no shortage of messages to spread. It’s a refreshing step away from the mainstream, while holding within it enough winning beats and passionate moments to make it both relatable and worthwhile.

‘W.A.V.’ is available now on iTunes.

Score: 7/10

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