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Review: Slip The DJ – ‘Colors'

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Slip The DJ – ‘Colors'

By now regulars of our website will be well acquainted with the vibrant work of New Orleans legend, Slip The DJ. A progressive breakbeat musician with a passion for the golden age of techno, Slip is a product of the 90’s club scene; a musical fixture determined to carry the invigorating sounds and pulsating styles of those times into the present day. Since 2018, Slip has been having a modern renaissance, wielding his club sounds with veracity and pushing his way back onto the mainstage.

His latest single in his ongoing conquest, ‘Colors’ arrives as a skilled remix of Tritonal and Paris Blohm’s ‘Colors’, featuring the sublime vocals of Sterling Fox. While the original track is a straight mix between pop sentimentality and reverberating club antics, Slip has chosen a different path for his remix, pushing the big drops and brash sounds away in favour of a more atmospheric touch.

Emerging from a calculated stream of rapid-fire beats, Slip’s remix builds itself up slowly, layering the vocals and instrumentals with calculated care. Instead of rushing for the drip, Slip has taken his time with the track, cultivating a far more textured sound of cascading synths that flow and crash over the more subdued vocals. The energy is still there courtesy of that constant driving percussion, but everything else is far more ethereal is sound, exemplifying a more dreamlike version of the popular track.

While we’re more used to big, house-infused numbers from Slip, his reworking of ‘Colors’ has easily become one of our favourite tracks. There is a defining organic quality to his work, offering a more lasting and impressive impact than the original. More than that, the complete reworking of the sound just illustrates the level at which Slip is working, proving beyond a doubt that he’s a talent for the ages.

You can stream his remix of ‘Colors’ above, and be sure to read all about his previous work on our website.

Score: 9/10

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