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Review: Slip the DJ – ‘Freak-U’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Slip the DJ – ‘Freak-U’

An artist who needs no introduction, Slip the DJ has easily become one of the most prolific artists we’ve covered over the past few years. A progressive breakbeat musician with a passion for the golden age of techno, his music has reached iconic status, blending the various eras of dance music into his own dynamic sound.

In one of his latest efforts, Slip has taken a trip back to the vibrant age of new school breaks, dipping into his archives and bringing one of his unfinished classics into the light of the modern music scene. Originally started in 2004, ‘Freak-U’ remained on hold for fifteen years, locked away and sporadically tinkered with until finally in 2019, it was ready to be released.

Described by Slip as his favourite track so far, ‘Freak-U’ cements the legendary DJ as an icon of his times, offering a cascade of classic techno sounds and industrial flourishes. Offering a glistening and deeply involving sound that builds itself upon waves of shifting audio bites, dizzying 90’s sounds, and incandescent electronic tones. A treat for your speakers, ‘Freak-U’ is a direct conduit to the 90’s dance scene, offering one of the most compelling and nostalgic eight minutes you’re ever likely to experience.

We’ve never had reason to doubt Slip’s talents before, but ‘Freak-U’ has taken things a step further, brushing aside any possible notion that he’s have dimmed over the years. The song is classic techno, classic dance energy, and classic Slip brilliance, through and through, and no doubt about it.

Stream the new single above via Soundcloud, and be sure to check out the ever-growing list of Slip’s releases on our website.

Score: 9/10

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