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Review: Slip The DJ – ‘In The Sound’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Slip The DJ – ‘In The Sound’

A fixture of the New Orleans music scene, Slip the DJ is a name that has weathered the ages and held firm to one true sound. A progressive breakbeat musician with a passion for the golden age of techno, he’s a defiant product of the 90’s club world and underground scenes, and in recent years, he’s been bringing his nostalgic sound and unstoppable energy to the forefront of music once again.

Carrying on from the growing highs of 2018, Slip’s latest release is ‘In The Sound’, a near-six-minute cut of old school cool. Having already earned over 1,000 streams on Soundcloud, the new track has already garnered praise for it’s visceral, slow burning sound, a definite shift from the more kaleidoscopic and higher tempo work that he’s released before.

Make no mistake, the same unrelenting energy and 2000’s club sound is still there, but on ‘In The Sound’, Slip brings in heavier bass tones and waves of deep atmospherics that cut through the lighter moments and hit hard with a brilliant trance vibe. Celestial female vocals soar above the electronic melee, offset by the breakdown in the middle of the track, and perfectly placed to really set fire to the track. It’s a knack that comes only with practise, talent, and real understanding of a genre, and Slip plays it brilliantly on this cut.

Proof that classic genres and a natural ability to create never really fades, ‘In The Sound’ is another big step in Slip’s new renaissance.

Score: 8.5/10

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