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Review: Slip the DJ – ‘The Painted Side of the Fence’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Slip the DJ – ‘The Painted Side of the Fence’

A progressive breakbeat artist from the golden age of electronic music, Slip the DJ has become one of our most widely covered arts. A New Orleans legend and mainstay of Kanga In Space management, Slip has held firm to the vibrant techno sounds of the ‘90s, looking back to when house music was still fresh, exciting, and changing the music scene all over the world. Equal parts contemporary and nostalgic, Slip’s latest releases have all emerged as inventive, kaleidoscopic, and eternally danceable, offering an exciting glimpse into his bright, creative world.

On his latest offering, Slip has opened the floodgates and created a mammoth hour-long set titled ‘The Painted Side of the Fence’. Recorded on the 20th of April this year and released shortly after, the mixed set is arguably the most comprehensive and immediate introduction to Slip’s talents so far.

Designed to be a ‘mixed journey’ through Slip’s deep house world, ‘The Painted Side of the Fence’ delivers an unstoppable medley of tracks and compositions, pushing Slip’s progressive house sound to the furthest possible reaches. With all the energy and spirit of a live album, it’s a vibrant and dizzying adventure that is sure to impress fans both new and old.

Using all the tricks in his book, Slip brings the hour-long set to life through a vibrant maelstrom of classic techno sounds, post-industrial flourishes, shifting audio bites, and incandescent electronic tones to hold your focus and build his digital masterpiece.

A massive, but worthwhile undertaking, you can stream the full mixed set above via Soundcloud, and be sure to take a look back at some of Slip’s other deep house anthems, with ‘Freak U’, ‘A Long Look Back’, ‘Retroactive’, ‘In The Sound’, and ‘Colors’ all streaming on our website.

Score: 8.5/10

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