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Review: Sokehe – ‘It Gets Easier…’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Sokehe – ‘It Gets Easier…’

In a time when we’re all so obsessed with technology, fame, and keeping up with the latest trends, Sokehe is determined to make people feel again. Fighting against the current generation who appear so numbed to life, Sokehe is a musician dedicated to making us all appreciate the little things in life, the small glistening moments that make life worth living.

A master of sampling, Sokehe explained how his lo-fi, chill sound emerges from the ether, pushing forward with purpose to create an emotional impact that will hit people in a place of true feeling. In his words, “people don't realise the impact music can have on people, music saved my life - I'm just trying to return the favour to everyone who listens”.

From sound engineering to classical piano, Sokehe has become known for blending styles and genres, creating a diverse, but always evocative sound that leans on ambience and subtle, nuanced emotion. One of the latest moving single to spring from the creative mind of Sokehe is ‘It Gets Easier…’ a chilled, ambient track that blends lingering piano tones with an overwhelming organic sound. Built around a gentle layer of gently distorted nature sounds and a percussive loop that slowly comes to prominence, ‘It Gets Easier…’ stands firm with a medley of cultivated audio bites at its centre, building a touching picture of hardship and the search for a place to exist.

It’s a touching and wonderfully textured sound, one that comes as an unexpected, but needed break from the maelstrom of manufactured sounds that are flung at us each day. Carefully composed and built with purpose, ‘It Gets Easier…’ is a track that gives you hope for something more, as well as a dedicated insight into the world that Sokehe is trying to create.

Score: 8/10

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