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Review: Sonic Radiation – ‘Infrared’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Sonic Radiation – ‘Infrared’

A long-time sufferer of a harrowing spinal cord injury, Todd Last has worked hard to make his dream of creating visceral electronic music a reality. After persevering with a hard regime of recovery therapies, Todd has been able to begin his life anew, and his musical moniker of Sonic Radiation is a testament to his hard work and enduring passion for music. A project that aspires to express his hope, energy and reverence for electronic music and life, Sonic Radiation constructs exciting electronic dance music that is both intriguing and captivating, creating bold new sounds while still holding true to the roots of the genre.

Inspired by industrial groups like Front 242 and Front Line Assembly, as well as more traditional electronic groups like The Crystal Method and Astral Projection, Todd’s work as Sonic Radiation draws inspiration from the full range of the electronic scene, blending styles and sounds in a tireless effort to give his listeners something for the ear, mind and dance floor. The latest example of his craft, ‘Infrared’ arrives as a whirlwind of digital beats and gleaming production, bringing a rare combination of rising atmospherics and astounding aesthetic.

Built on a relentless pulsating vibe that carves a distinct path through the ever-changing EDM soundscape, ‘Infrared’ pushes itself forward with an incessant energy and brilliant tactile sound. A more nuanced and textured release than some of his previous efforts, the song is deliberately placed at the forefront of the genre, bringing classic and unyielding club energy into a fast-paced and thoroughly modern digital world.

Creating its own lavish tapestry of digital tones and luminescent synths, ‘Infrared’ stands within its very own astral plane, creating a rhythmic and utterly undeniable tectonic sound. Far from the mainstream dance music that sweeps through neon dancefloors on a Saturday night, Sonic Radiation’s new single is easily a cut above and a world away.

‘Infrared’ is available now on Amazon Music, iTunes, Beatport, Google Play, and Spotify

Score: 9/10

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