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Review: SoRi x Folded Dragons – ‘I Am Not Alone’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: SoRi x Folded Dragons – ‘I Am Not Alone’

A talented entertainer from the busy streets of Seoul, SoRi began her career as an actress, appearing in productions for both KBS and Amazon Prime. In 2016, she turned her focus to music, forming the duo CoCoSoRi, and later embarking on her own impressive solo career. With nearly two-hundred-thousand subscribers and three-million views on YouTube, there’s no denying her popularity or potential.

Her latest single, ‘I Am Not Alone’ is a special collaborative release with the brilliant Folded Dragons, one of New York City’s leading EDM producers. After starting his career late in 2017, the producer soon amassed over twelve million streams on Chinese streaming service Netease, setting the stage for one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year.

With Folded Dragon’s EDM composition as a platform, SoRi launches one of her most impressive vocal performances to date, rising through a series of dramatic verses that are anchored by a haunting piano line. As the music intensifies, so to do SoRi’s vocals, creating a lavish cascading effect where synths roam and tempos flair. Interestingly, the song features a long build that transitions into a sudden stop, creating a deafening silence that lingers well after the song ends.

Impressive in its own way, ‘I Am Not Alone’ is a vibrant showcase of both artist’s talents, and when heard alongside its video, its focus and power more than doubles. While not daring to move far from your conventional EDM sound, the single has impressive longevity, which is a rare thing in the K-pop world, making it a strong introduction for those of us not already well acquainted with SoRi or Folded Dragon’s work.

Score: 7/10

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