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Review: Sorsen – ‘Take Me Back’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Sorsen – ‘Take Me Back’

At just nineteen, Sorsen has already made an impressive name for themselves, championing an impressive string of hard cut, heavy hitting rap singles on Soundcloud and beyond. Officially, Sorsen is an artist, producer, and graphic designer with a penchant for making honest, deeply personal music from his own store-bought beats. While not a producer by trade, Sorsen music comes from a place of undeniably passion and heart-warming honesty, doing everything in his power to tell his evolving life story through the universal medium of music.

Arriving on a light, flickering stream of piano notes, Sorsen latest single is ‘Take Me Back’, a rough and ready rap cut that is packed with late Summer vibes and dreams of better times. Announcing itself slowly through a simple, but effective melody, the track soon transitions into a burst of vibrant electronics, contrasting an eclipsing digital sound with free-flowing rap verse. His delivery clings to a freestyle energy, pushing its own melody and creating a unique caricature of sun-kissed Summer days and nostalgic childhood freedoms.

Running its own path in the blossoming mid-western scene, ‘Take Me Back’ holds within it shades of Daft Punk and Astronautalis, capturing a free-wheeling, unapologetically fun sound and conversational tone. While the production might need some tinkering, you can’t help but find enjoyment in every bar of the track, and by the end of its near-four-minute runtime, you can feel a definite connection forming.

In his own humble words, Sorsen is “just a guy in a basement with a dream”, but even after just a few listens to ‘Take Me Back’, you instantly know he’s so much more than that. The single is available now on Soundcloud above, or on Apple Music and Spotify.

Score: 8/10

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