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Review: Southernayers – ‘A Night Divine’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Southernayers – ‘A Night Divine’

An impressive indie-pop duo with a talent for seamlessly blending pop sensibilities with thoughtful electronic melodies, Southernayers have long since established themselves as a true creative force. Building their sound from a love of the creative greats like Bowie, Joy Division, and Jellyfish, we first head their soft melancholic sound with the release of ‘Slumber’, an inspired blend of lavish, old-school pop melodies that announced their intentions in style.

Now, the duo of Mick and Kaylee are back to impressive once again, bringing their new single ‘A Night Divine’ into the world’s spotlight. Another textured and brilliantly cultivated track, ‘A Night Divine’ crackles with an emotive static cling, rising from a series of reverberating synth tones that fade to let the focus lie purely on Mick’s haunting vocals.

As glistening synth sounds ebb and flows in the background, Mick captures your focus with his vocals, offering his usual rustic sense of harmony that is backed perfectly by that hopeful, rising chorus. Despite the emotional weight of the song, Southernayers have managed to perfectly balance it with their music, offering a lightness and moving melody that constantly moves you forward, taking over your sense and setting a perfect stage for each and every chorus.

Simply put, ‘A Night Divine’ is a song of instant and lingering majesty, one that fades into view with an unassuming air, before building into one of the most mesmerising songs we’ve heard in months. Mick’s vocals are a constant conduit to the heart and soul of the song, while that steady, cascading melody is absolutely undeniable. It might have been ‘Slumber’ that piqued our interest, but it’s ‘A Night Divine’ that has cemented it.

Score: 8.5/10

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