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Review: St. Geo – ‘Surrounded By Angels’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: St. Geo – ‘Surrounded By Angels’

An aspiring rapper who is set to be on the radar of every major label in years to come, St. Geo has laid the foundation for a successful career with new single, ‘Surrounded by Angels’. An artist who has already proven that he’s not afraid to take fans on an emotional and lyrical journey, St. Geo has set the standard with his latest cut, offering an honest and wonderfully refreshing slice of contemporary hip-hop.

Featuring first-class production that beautifully heightens in the inner melody of the track, ‘Surrounded By Angels’ wrestles with its own inner demons while also providing a smooth, harmonious track for us all to live by.

Opening with a sweetly sung vocal hook that transitions into a string of deftly rapped bars, ‘Surrounded By Angels’ announces itself with charm and intention, weaving rap with more mellow RnB to create an unexpectedly cool vibe. St. Geo’s vocals spiral and impress while the song digs deeper into human thought and emotion, and through it all there is an idealistic pop sound that constantly holds your focus.

Stitched tightly to a nuanced and arguably dark ambience, the song is perfectly balanced, allowing it to explore hard-hitting ideologies with a sense of ease, bringing together both the commercial and personal aspects of music. Held somewhere between brutally self-aware and blissfully hopeful, ‘Surrounded By Angels’ is ultimately a song that is built to inspire.

You can listen to the new single in full on Soundcloud above.

Score: 7.5/10

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