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Review: State of Mind – ‘CONSUME!’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: State of Mind – ‘CONSUME!’

A unique musical project from the heart of Copenhagen, State of Mind is the creative moniker of Danish art-rock veteran, Kim Bülow Bonfils. For those not in the know, Kim has long since reached iconic status for his music, using his talents as a singer and multi-instrumentalist to carve his own path through the Danish rock scene, creating his own intricate hybrid of electronic-drone and noise-pop styles.

In the new project, Kim has been joined by the supremely talented bass guitarist, Morten Barnekov Johansen, bringing their creative visions together and drawing inspiration from a list of talented outsiders. Overlaying repetitive synthesiser tracks with elements of retro-krautrock and roaming loops of static cling and droning feedback, State of Mind creates a visceral and shifting platform from which the band can explore the complex workings of the human psyche, exploring the hidden darkness and lingering thoughts that hang over us all.

With ‘CONSUME!’, State of Mind have given us more the same magnetic brilliance, returning with five new tracks of frenzied musical energy. Opening with a driven pop hook, the EP launches itself into existence on the back of ‘The Unstable Lovers’, a dynamic and wonderfully melodic released that draws you in and settles you down, setting the stage for the industrial beats and punk energy of ‘I Want To Live Like That’. A stirring track of wishful thinking and calculated electronics, it’s an instant favourite on a landmark release.

Third cut ‘Bet You Never Wanted To’ kicks things up another notch, breaking into more eclectic punk energy that hits hard and hangs on for its full ninety-second lifespan. With fourth track, ‘Wouldn’t Know A Metaphor’ and ‘Everything Comes Back Again’, Kim leans more heavily on some deft electronic wizardry, electrifying his kraut-rock sounds to create a more spacious, digital sound.

It's a release of constant surprises and deep, lingering melodies, creating a fine balance between more erratic flourishes and consistent involving sounds. It’s a joy to hear and wonder to lose yourself to, making ‘CONSUME!’ an utter triumph in our eyes.

Score: 8.5/10

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