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Review: Struggle Jennings & Trap Deville – ‘Reign Down‘

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Struggle Jennings & Trap Deville – ‘Reign Down‘

Born to be an outlaw, Struggle Jennings’ has fought for everything he has in life. The grandson of legendary country music icon Waylon Jennings, Struggle is the latest figure in a long and enduring legacy of gangsters, outlaws and rock stars. Growing up as the black sheep in his family, he fought his way from the streets of West Nashville and into the studio, paving his way to fame and fortune with unshakable determination.

Adding his own chapter to the Jennings’ family narrative, Struggle’s message is one of strength, determination, and courage in the face of almost constant adversity. It’s a powerful stance, one that continues to resonate within his audiences around the world, bringing them together and showing they’re not alone. Since being released from prison in 2016, Struggle has worked hard to turn his life around, pushing his boundaries and carving his own path through the music scene.

From rough cut demos to sold-out shows, Struggle’s deft blend of country and hip-hop had made him the founder of a bold new style, securing his position as the ‘Godfather of Outlaw Hip-Hop’. The latest single in his ever-growing story, ‘Reign Down’ sees Struggle collaborating with the talented Trap Deville, a fellow apostle of the blossoming genre, to create a unique new mix of rustic, hard-hitting vocals and lingering guitar chords.

Set alongside its official video that you can view below, ‘Reign Down’ begins with a controlled stream of Southern-style guitar, creating a lingering melody that sets the stage for Trap’s rough and ready verse. It’s an invigorating and impossible to ignore introduction, creating a visceral and unshakable tone that quickly transitions in a maelstrom of raw, animalistic shouts and hard-hitting anthemics. It’s a brilliant and devastating turn of sound, pushing the chorus to the limit and creating one of the most impressive arrangements you’ll hear all year.

As the song rolls past its halfway mark, Struggle makes his mark, breaking the silence with his own powerful flow that leads on perfectly from Trap’s dynamic opening bars. Making an instant impact, Struggle’s influence is bold, brash, and brilliantly placed, bring the song to an end with a definitive showing of force.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Google Play, ‘Reign Down’ is an unstoppable tour de force of country style and outlaw spirit, making it a definitive and unapologetic highlight of 2019.

Score: 9/10

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