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Review: Suggs & YRN Beanz – ‘On It’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Suggs & YRN Beanz – ‘On It’

Two independent artists who have been setting the airwaves of Nashville, Tennessee on fire, Suggs and YRN Beanz have worked hard to carve their own individual paths in the underground music scene. Fierce musicians and talented rappers, the pair have recently started to pool their talents, writing and recording a highly anticipated new mixtape that is set for release later this year.

Titled ‘Sistas2’, the new mixtape promises to be a deft showcase of their evolved hip-hop sound, and to help build hype for the release, the duo have recently shared a glimpse of the madness with new single ‘On It’ available now.

A calculated torrent of cliched rap bravado and lyrics that reflect the pairing’s desire to get rich and “fuck a bitch”, ‘On It’ rolls with an erratic, energised flow and intricate backing that takes you by surprise. Together, Suggs and YRN Beanz combined their talents in a near-seamless barrage of crafted, rap verse, backing one another with streams of rapid-fire witticisms and personal wisdom that break over the cascading beats and nuanced, melodic tones. It’s an uncompromising vision that rattles with an unshakeable confidence, bringing an authentic sound that even the most cynical hip-hop fans will struggle to stand against.

Glistening with all the traditional hallmarks of a powerful hip-hop anthem, Suggs and YRN Beanz latest collaborative effort is a hard-hitting anthem of real, visceral conviction. It’s a sharp and progressive track that promises big things, setting a powerful precedent for the release of their full mixtape later in the year.

Grab your own copy of ‘On It’ now on Apple Music.

Score: 7.5/10

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