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Review: Sun J. – ‘Dilli’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Sun J. – ‘Dilli’

A founding member of Indian hip-hop collective Khatarnaak, Sun J. has found himself in the centre of New Delhi’s rising music scene. One of the first music groups to holistically represent all five elements of hip-hop, Khatarnaak and Sun J. have become known for a visceral, distinctive flow, devastating delivery and a consistent ability to thrill audiences.

Born into a family of modest means, Sun J. provides a fresh perspective about real life in New Delhi. Starting the new year off on the right foot, Sun J, has recently revealed a brand new single and music video in the form of ‘Dilli’.

With its title taken from a slang term for New Delhi, ‘Dilli’ looks to present an authentic view of the city, bringing you into Sun J’s world with visceral, unyielding clarity. Spitting rapid-fire bars over a rough, trap beat, the new single breaks free of cultural boundaries and flows relentlessly with an unyielding hip-hop spirit.

Bringing heat and power in limitless supply, it’s easy to see why Sun J. has become one of the most promising talents in his hometown. A unique talent with a knack for creating thrilling, animalistic tracks, Sun J’s delivery and prowess makes for some incredible listening. It doesn’t matter that you might not be able to understand his words, just hit play and be swept away by his flow.

Score: 7/10

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