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Review: Take1 – ‘On Ya Mark’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Take1 – ‘On Ya Mark’

A new rapper trying to forge his own legacy in one of the most competitive and cut-throat scenes, Take1 has placed himself firmly ahead of the crowd with new single ‘On Ya Mark’. A deft cut taken from his upcoming solo project, ‘Calculated Chances’, the new single is an unapologetic statement of intent and a visceral call to arms.

A song about sticking to your guns and shaping your own fate, ‘On Ya Mark’ holds firm to a sense of self-believe. “I won when people said I couldn’t make it,” Take1 explained, “I feel like everyone can get out of whatever situation they may be in.”

Musically, the song echoes this sentiment, layering heavy beats and contemporary melodies to go beyond your traditional rap track. The standardised formats and beats are done away with, allowing Take1 to create a far more engaging and original sound, and impressively, when he lays down his vocals, they’re sung with passion, precision, and power, letting the words shine and play their part. Paced and on point, the vocals provide a distinct contrast with the more downtempo atmospherics of the music, heightening their worth and really letting them make their mark.

Undoubtedly inspired by old school funk and more nostalgic vibes, there is a touch of the iconic about both Take1 and the single. An impressive example of what we can expect from the full album, ‘On Ya Mark’ is a dynamic blend of story-telling, truth, creativity, and sheer musical brilliance.

Score: 8/10

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