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Review: Taylor Hollingsworth – ‘Tap Dancin’ Daddy’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Taylor Hollingsworth – ‘Tap Dancin’ Daddy’

A diverse and multi-talented musician, Taylor Hollingsworth has been carving out his own impressive solo career since 2003, bringing to light an expansive, textured sound that incorporates everything from lo-fi blues-pop to whiplash-inducing 70’s era rock anthems. A career that is studded with highlights, Taylor’s music has led him to contribute his songs and talents to Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, adding a distinct touch of rustic anthemics to several of their albums.

After recently touring throughout the US and Europe with Oberst and following on from the Mystic Valley Band’s triumphant reunion shows, Taylor is back in complete control with the release of his new solo record, ‘Tap Dancin’ Daddy’, his first solo release under his own name since 2011.

Released on Flower Moon Records, the new record is a sweeping and emotional honest release that brings together eleven stunning new recordings. Led by the beautifully fragile title track, the new record calls to mind the nostalgic sounds of textured 70’s rock, intertwining country charm with contemporary anthemics to create a delicate and expressive balance. Glistening with sincerity and a sense of familiarity that is consistently reflected in Taylor’s vocals and lyrics, and songs such as ‘The Waiter’, ‘I’m Still A Kid’, and ‘Mermaid Miracles’ are all lingering, heartfelt examples of this fact.

Elsewhere on the record, Taylor opts for a more focused and deliberate sound, bringing a wave of rolling blues sounds, country twangs, and upbeat energy to rough-cut epics like ‘Devil N Me’, ‘Hip In!!!’, and ‘Beginning of the Ending’. There a distinct and inescapable lo-fi sound akin to Kurt Vile and The War on Drugs, and it’s a real joy to hear.

A welcome return to his solo work, ‘Tap Dancin’ Daddy sees Taylor treading his own distinct and unapologetic path, offering a sound that’s as entertaining as it is endearing. The album is currently available from Flower Moon Records on CD or cassette, along with a limited run 7” single and limited edition bobbleheads. Get your copy here.

Score: 7.5/10

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