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Review: TexMex Shaman – ‘Fever In The South’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: TexMex Shaman – ‘Fever In The South’

A musician, composer, and producer based in the heart of Dallas, Texas, TexMex Shaman has been become of the most electric producers of, as he himself put it’s, “the finest in self-indulgent tripe”. A diverse artist with a wide-ranging creative approach and one-of-a-kind attitude, his music is built on waves of guitar and bass blended with samples, loops, and other pieces of musical wizardry.

While the project might only be eight months old, TexMex Shaman has already become a vivid focal point on the ever-evolving musical landscape that we all enjoy. With plans to release a full-length album in early 2020, he’s currently testing the water with the release of his new EP, ‘Fever In The South’.

A six-track collection that looks to showcase his hybrid sound, ‘Fever In The South’ crosses the various divides between classic rock, diverse electronica, and infectious funk, hoping to bring the best elements of each genre and blend them into something new. While not a huge relief lyrically, ‘Fever In The South’ makes its mark musically, using simple refrains of lines like, “I know you feelin’ it / C’mon it’s like that” and “shake that thing / work that thing / drop that / pop that / smoke that” to back the overall atmosphere of each track.

Opening cut, ‘Yeah, They Deliver’ brings to life a rough-cut oriental sound, one that quickly breaks apart and is reborn as a stuttering country-rock epic. With the focus drawn to the guitar, everything else seems to spiral out of control, cloaking the guitar with vocal loops of “alright” and a caustic overlay of static and thunderous bass. It’s a song that moves from nostalgic country twang to abrasively abstract in just a few notes, eventually fading out after seven-and-a-half minutes and a whirlwind of children’s laughter and twisted funk.

Second track ‘Roll Over Matryoshka’ follows a similar trend, swapping out the rolling guitar for a more immediate funk groove and light, sparkling atmospherics for the opening portion of the track. It’s a light, but wonderfully textured song, and even the swift change into a string of classic disco beats doesn’t dampen the energy and anthemics of the track, making it a distinct highlight of the EP. With the opening of third track ‘What It Do’, TexMex Shaman transports us abroad again, landing distinctly in Arabian territory, before shaking it up with some foot-stomping, heavy rock anthems and calling, melodic vocals that add another layer to the rich tapestry of sounds.

Following on is TexMex Shaman’s own dedication to a “bad son of a gun” who helped him find his way to a bar in Hong Kong, another eclectic mix of sporadic, heavily distorted electric guitar cast over a platform of nostalgic rock ‘n’ roll. It’s electric, visceral, and absolutely barmy, matching its title with ease and style. Closing numbers ‘Peking Bass’ and ‘You Look Kinda Like My Neighbour Gordon’ close the EP with a bizarre series of influences, with the former erupting like a Daft Punk song remixed under the influence of LSD, and the latter offering a psychedelic trip through an unfamiliar digital world. It’s an alarming, bewildering, and disorientating end to the release, one that sets you on the edge and constantly pushes and pulls at you until finally, you fall deep into the kaleidoscopic soundscape.

At every turn there’s something new and exciting infused into the very core of ‘Fever In The South’, resulting in a diverse, unassailable sound. Unique to say the least, ‘Fever In The South’ is a rollercoaster of highs, lows, and breakthroughs, making it a powerful introduction to TexMex Shaman that’s not for the faint of heart.

Stream the EP in full via Soundcloud above.

Score: 7.5/10

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