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Review: The Black Reds – ‘Voltage’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Black Reds – ‘Voltage’

Built from the principle that life is art, The Black Reds have been cultivating their own unique sound for years, creating something of complete raw magnificence. Crafting dynamic and wonderfully soulful rock and roll that ranges from sombre 6/8 feels to straight and unapologetic punk, The Black Reds are a complete musical experience built from two very creative minds.

A visceral artistic representation of the life and style of Martin Doluz, The Black Reds has become the perfect illustration of his creative world. Leaving himself completely exposed to his audience, Martin’s songs are true representations of his heart, soul, strengths, and weakness, offering a complete and unapologetic look into the most important moments in his life. Joined by the talented David McDaniel, an engineer by trade and education, The Black Reds have become a musical force to be reckoned with.

An impressive collaborative project that features an impressive roster of musicians, The Black Reds have recently combined their diverse skillset to create ‘Voltage’ a rampant surge of heavy instrumentals and complex arrangements. Built upon a foundation of RnB, pop, punk and experimental rock elements, the new release brings to light nine unique and explosive songs that perfectly illustrate The Black Reds’ expansive sound.

Opening onto a complete aural assault of thunderous percussion, roaring guitar, and sonic-tinged vocals, ‘Voltage’ opens with ‘Holly’ a driven single that rallies around a powerful, unchained melody. A slice of classic rock, it makes an instant and impressive impression upon the listener, setting the tone for things to come. Second cut ‘Breathe’ lays down a more experimental, almost sci-fi sound, layering the traditional rock sounds with an orchestrated stream of keyboard tones and erratic, shifting vocals that seamlessly transition into an unassailable string of refrains. It’s an evolving and wonderfully paced piece, one that showcases the band’s natural songwriting abilities in perfect form.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘Plane’ takes a more emotive and slow-burning atmosphere, while ‘Adrenachrome’ brings rolling waves of funk into the mix, creating a diverse and involving mix that quickly becomes a highlight of the whole record. Seventh cut ‘Satellite’ pulls effortlessly at your heartstrings, offering glorious dual vocals that play off one another to create a perfectly placed duet that rings with emotional honesty and genuine soul. It’s all a delicate blend of soaring highs and cultivated, emotive lows, creating one of the most impressive releases of the year.

A whirlwind of fine production and seamless rock anthemics, ‘Voltage’ is a deft mix of classic sounds and contemporary style, bringing fresh, relevant, and fiercely original pieces to the fore. A textured and seemingly limitless release, ‘Voltage’ is a landmark epic that will stick in your mind for years to come. Far more complex than your typical rock release, The Black Reds have stayed true to their heart and soul, creating a release of immense power. Stream it now on Spotify above, or grab your own copy on vinyl, cassette or CD from The Black Reds’ official website.

Score: 9/10

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