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Review: The Dirty Snowman Society – ‘Taste of Heaven’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Dirty Snowman Society – ‘Taste of Heaven’

A rock band from Copper Mountain, CO, The Dirty Snowman Society have become one of the most exciting four-pieces of the last few years, blending their diverse range of talents and influences into a unique and exciting sound. A close-knit band of Frank Costantini on vocals, drums and percussion, Jonnie Law on lead guitar, Patrick Linfante on bass and Chris Todoroff on guitars and percussion, the four-piece came together from some very different walks of life. Tied together by a desire to make the kind of classic hard rock that first inspired them to become musicians.

Their latest release, ‘Taste of Heaven’ strikes out with a building, heavy soundscape, layering powerful streams of guitar with a constant, hard-hitting percussive beat. Vocals burst through it all, leading each melodic moment and creating a classic rock feel that perfectly matches the atmospherics of the instrumentals. Adding an element of timeless realism, ‘Taste of Heaven’ shines with a rough, textured sound, conjuring up instant comparisons to bands like Pink Floyd and other progressive rock legends.

It’s a timeless, but also wonderfully refreshing sound, bringing old school anthemics back into the spotlight for modern audiences to connect with. Conjuring up a mixture of fast-paced, rock flourishes with a more evolved and slow-burning melodic form, the song constant grabs your attention, laying down a shifting stage for the poetic lyrics and emotive delivery.

A genuinely impressive single, ‘Taste of Heaven’ is purposefully structured and impressively built, creating a heavy sound with universal appeal. Stream it above via Spotify, or find it today on Apple Music or YouTube.

Score: 8.5/10

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