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Review: The Don Kap – ‘Cannot Listen’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Don Kap – ‘Cannot Listen’

One of the North Bronx’s up-and-coming rappers, The Don Kap is an American-Israeli multi-platform artist with a knack for creating in-your-face anthems. After earning his master’s degree in film, The Don Kap has recently gone on to create ‘Sex and the Future’, a new film that is set to premiere in theatres this summer.

Along with his work in film, The Don Kap has forged a blossoming music career, standing out from the mainstream with his unapologetic style and unashamed religious background. A man of notable contrasts and purposefully sparse means, The Don Kap has been doing things his way since the very beginning. His latest musical release, ‘Cannot Listen’ is a rapid-fire track that wastes no time in making its mark.

Dancing around the trap-hop genre, ‘Cannot Listen’ is a simple track of spoken word vocals and heavy autotune, contrasting vocals that are backed by a minimalist, steady beat and transient tempo. It’s another example of contrasts within The Don Kap’s life, with the spoken word elements shining in the track, pushing his thoughts and reflections forward with a cultivated sense of atmosphere and emotion, and then the whole thing shatters when the autotuned vocals kick in.

Part way between a genuinely unique rap style and an abstract pop musing, ‘Cannot Listen’ feels torn between two styles, arriving as a Jekyll and Hyde rap betrays the confidence of his brand. It’s hard to gauge whether the autotuned was used to cover shaky vocals or as an artistic choice, but it remains a point of contention throughout the track.

Ultimately, ‘Cannot Listen’ arrives as a track of great vision, adequate production. It’s a track with instant appeal that offers something new in the rap game, but it has a little way to go until it’ll be the deft hit that it hints at.

Score: 6.5/10

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