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Review: The Gaffer – ‘Dancing Alone’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Gaffer – ‘Dancing Alone’

A singer-songwriter from Edinburgh, The Gaffer is a unique first attempt at solo artistry from one of Scotland’s most intriguing and enigmatic artists. After cutting his teeth and forming his sound in a number of local bands, The Gaffer has emerged as a powerful new project designed to showcase a passionate collection of music.

Formed from a layered sound of pop melodies and alternate rhythms, The Gaffer attempts to create music that reflects his personal experiences and creativity, drawing listeners in and connecting with them on a deeply human level. Covering a broad spectrum of music genres and styles, The Gaffer has recently announced his sound in style with ‘Dancing Alone’, a powerful Spotify debut.

Built on a delicate stream of piano keys, ‘Dancing Alone’ builds a gentle, rolling pop melody from the very start, creating a delicate, textured sound that carries with it an honest emotional weight. A stripped-back take on modern pop, the single is a raw, driven ballad that leans heavily on calling, layered vocals and haunting, melancholic solid. Built from the same vein as Scottish legends Frightened Rabbit, there is an instant and heart-breaking comparison to the late Scott Hutchison.

With rough, understated production, ‘Dancing Alone’ thrives on authenticity, pulling away from needless flourishes and mainstream dalliances in favour of honest, human moments. The lack of polishing works brilliantly to emphasis this vibe, and whether it’s on purpose or by accident, the song is all the more impressive for it.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, ‘Dancing Alone’ is a poignant debut that shines with emotional maturity and deft songwriting ability. It’s a perfect illustration of The Gaffer’s sound and a powerful showcase of his talents, proving that pop can still have a soul.

Score: 7.5/10

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