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Review: The Gary Douglas Band – ‘Deep In The Water (Redeux)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Gary Douglas Band – ‘Deep In The Water (Redeux)’

An American singer-songwriter on the verge of becoming a legend, Gary Douglas of The Gary Douglas Band has long been waging a battle with the forces of greed and injustice, both as a rebel rocker and as a trial attorney. Combining uncompromising lyricism with propulsive rock ‘n’ roll and finely crafted Americana melodies, his music has become a force to be reckoned with, offering enduring messages that flow with a timeless rock sound.

Through his songs, Gary has always looked to give a voice to the unheard, shining a light on their struggles and using his influence to better the world, and his stunning new single is no exception to this mission. Produced in support of the upcoming feature film, ‘Dark Waters’ starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway, ‘Deep In The Water (Dedeux)’ was inspired by a major case Gary recently fought and won against the DuPont chemical company when they illegally dumped dangerous chemicals in the Ohio River.

A driven and undeniably passionate song, ‘Deep In The Water (Redeux)’ hits hard and keeps on hitting, pushing the inconvenient truth of DuPont’s hubris into the spotlight and forcing his audience to take note. Built upon an unflinching and arrangement of guitar, bass, keys, and percussion, it instantly creates a heavy blues dynamic that is layered with Gary’s earnest vocals. There is an undeniable passion that resonates throughout the length of the piece, permeating the track’s polished production with a true sense of purpose.

With a new music video that was filmed somewhere outside of Nashville, the visuals for ‘Deep In The Water (Redeux)’ take place in an old country home where a family holds a funeral for their child who has been poisoned by the contaminated drinking water. You can stream it now on YouTube.

Directed by David McClister, the video brilliantly portrays the dismal truth of Gary’s message, making it an impossibly powerful release and something that everyone should experience.

Score: 9/10

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