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Review: The Safety Word – ‘Right On Time’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Safety Word – ‘Right On Time’

A deft musical ensemble that seamlessly combines the acoustic and digital worlds, The Safety Word have been spreading their unique ‘synthy’ blend of RnB and electronica across Melbourne for years, creating a lavish and wonderfully refreshing style. Inspired by the enduring post-rock, new romantic, and chillwave scenes, the duo of John Rousvanis and Simon Quinn have forged their sound as a compact musical unit, one that stands proudly on its own four feet, as well as an occasional troupe with Craigus McVegas and an assortment of guest musicians.

With a sound that has been best described as ‘downtempo electronica with a twist of trip-hop and future RnB’, The Safety Word know their strengths and play to them brilliantly. The latest shining example of their sound comes in the form of ‘Right On Time’, a song of romantic sounds and spontaneous melodies that is impossible to deny.

With lyrics written for Simon’s wife and a lavish, organic melody, ‘Right On Time’ arrives as a rich tapestry of soulful vocals, lingering, abstract guitar, and rolling bass lines that are tied together by a wave of ambient synths. Striking a fine balance between emotive purity and driven orchestral sounds, there is a depth to the single that cannot be ignored, ensuring that every emotional pitch and meaningful moment is felt and artfully appreciated by the band’s growing audience.

A slow-burning hit that is sure to become a staple of the band’s sound, ‘Right On Time’ is an unparalleled delight, offering not only a captivating and involving rhythmic sound but also a heartfelt and unyielding romantic triumph.

You can stream ‘Right On Time’ above via YouTube, or find it on Spotify here.

Score: 8/10

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