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Review: The Watchers – ‘Satan’s Bar’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Watchers – ‘Satan’s Bar’

After announcing themselves as one of Brisbane’s most promising rock groups with hard-hitting releases like ‘Surrendering’, The Watches are back on our radar with a bold new single that is set to push things even further. Continuing to blend their infectious rhythms with the sun-kissed influences and an unyielding rock spirit.

Set for release later this month, the new single builds on the band’s previous releases, offering more gritty anthemics and rolling atmospherics, while also building upon more enlightened blues and soul elements. Something of a nostalgic awakening, ‘Satan’s Bar’ echoes with hints of The Doors, opening with a subtle acid rock vibe that soon falls to more classic, alt-rock melodies with each blustering chorus.

Simple but effective, ‘Satan’s Bar’ holds firm to a single but effective structure, letting the narrative and vocals shine in the more subdued verse before launching headfirst into a medley of dark basslines, soaring guitars, and demonic flourishes. It’s a deft and engaging fusion of sounds, one that sparks with dark brilliance and sense of evolving madness, creating a vision unlike anything being produced today.

Set for release on March 20th this year, ‘Satan’s Bar’ is an essential new release, so be sure to keep an eye on the band’s Spotify page for its upcoming release.

The band will also be playing a show with Trashqueen, Kentucky Green, and Stapylton Street at the Prince of Wales Hotel to coincide with the release, so be sure to check out The Watchers in person! You can get all the details on Facebook here.

Score: 8/10

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