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Review: The Watchers – ‘Surrendering’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Watchers – ‘Surrendering’

A four-piece rock band from North Brisbane, The Watchers have been busily blending a long list of influences into one very distinct sound for years now. Fusing visceral lines with infectious rhythms and an indelible spirit, The Watchers bring with them songs about surfing, whiskey, and Cosmic Jay, a time traveller sent to save the world from itself.

A massive new single, ‘Surrendering’ arrives as a refreshing, hard-hitting, and brilliantly emotional rock anthem that perfectly captures The Watchers’ sound. A tour de force of deft composition and distinct, emotive vocals, ‘Surrendering’ is a song that is defiantly nostalgic, casting more than just a subtle glance back into the peak era of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Sound Garden. It’s a song of passionate sounds that are thrown together into a gritty, but wonderfully organic mix, giving not only weight to the song, but also a sense of joy and levity that a lot of post-rock grunge strayed far from.

Taking a heavy hook and forcing it into being, ‘Surrendering’ is unapologetically built around an energy that is simply immutable. Its honest, simple rock done to perfection, offering a hook that traps you and a chorus that transcends everything else, forming a solid line of anticipation and release. It’s so well done that as the song breaks down into a drawn-out repeat, it becomes entirely absorbing, digging into your mind and ringing in your ears well after the song fades out.

There’s something wonderfully authentic about ‘Surrendering’, like it was the song that The Watchers were made to play. It’s honest, passionate, and unrelenting, proving that the band have found a sound that they can really grow with.

You can stream ‘Surrendering’ now on The Watchers’ official Bandcamp page, and if you’re going to be in Brisbane on March 16th, then be sure to get to Ric’s Bar to see The Watchers performing live. Full details of the gig can be found here.

Score: 9/10

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