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Review: The Watchers – ‘The Lonely Sea / Fishtale’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Watchers – ‘The Lonely Sea / Fishtale’

One of North Brisbane’s most visceral, rising rock bands, The Watchers previously graced our pages when we reviewed ‘Surrendering’, their raucous single that score a near-perfect nine out of ten. It was a powerhouse introduction to the band, showcasing their ability to blending their influences and genres with years of experience and an unwavering will to create.

Returning to throw another one-two combination of heavy rock hits, The Watchers have fired up and unleashed a new two-track single, with ‘The Lonely Sea’ and ‘Fishtale’ recently released through Bandcamp.

Opening on a wave of sparse, rolling guitar chords, ‘The Lonely Sea’ instantly announces itself as an emotive anthem of unexpected majesty. Delivered with a raw, uncut sound that gives the track an authentic live feel, there’s a big Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ influence that seamlessly blends with the band’s evolved pub-rock sound.

After ‘The Lonely Sea’ settles, ‘Fishtale’ brings the energy right back up. Brimming with a real surf-rock vibe, the track builds over an unrelenting bass line and light flickering guitar that feels as though it’s taken straight from an early Tarantino film. It’s melodic, powerful, and a wonderfully contrasting instrumental track that helps to show the band’s diversity, as well as proving that even without Doug’s emotive vocals, the band can still create a track that holds the focus with real musical vibrancy.

An impressive departure from the sounds of their previous single, both ‘The Lonely Sea’ and ‘Fishtale’ help to further prove The Watchers’ musical chops, continuing to build their legacy as one of Australia’s rising talents.

The complete single is currently available as a digital download from The Watchers’ official Bandcamp page for whatever price you wish to pay.

Score: 8.5/10

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