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Review: The Whole Peace – ‘All In, Won Peace’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Whole Peace – ‘All In, Won Peace’

A mystical alt. rock project from Philadelphia, PA, The Whole Peace are a band who have built their sound on a few core beliefs. They believe that music is a world and force of its very own, a powerful medium for information to travel from one consciousness to another, and that somehow, through the cascading turbulence of forward progression that cloaks our world, peace can come again.

It’s an idealistic foundation for an album, one the instantly infuses ‘All In, Won Peace’ with a sense of altruistic good that holds the seventeen tracks together. It’s a combination of ground-breaking alt. rock and timeless melodies that draw an eclectic line reflect the band’s diverse approach to music. Blurring the line between various styles, ‘All In, Won Peace’ darts between heavy rock ‘n’ roll energy on tracks like ‘On The Swing’ and ‘Diamonds’, whose wild guitar riffs and rough-cut sounds transition perfectly into the more aggressive sounds of ‘Your Rock n Roll’. It’s a quick-fire trilogy of tracks that sets the tone for album, giving ‘All In, Won Peace’ the perfect chance to change things up.

‘Wishing Well’ and ‘Send the World Away’ are more poignant, mellow affairs, showcasing the band’s versatility with thoughtful arrangements and true emotive connections, while ‘Anomaly’ shakes things up again with a heavier, metal tone that really blows the doors of the album. From there, everything becomes more experimental, blurring the faint lines that The Whole Peace had previously set and blazing a whole new path of vibrant sound.

In the end, ‘All In, Won Peace’ is an album of such scale that you really have to experience it. Its diverse nature makes for an interesting showcase of what the band can do, taking lead from alt. rock, garage, metal, and even shades of punk to make a full-scale assault on the senses. While arguably not the most cohesive or unified album in regards to sound, ‘All In, Won Peace’ manages to stay true to its message throughout the seventeen enigmatic tracks, tearing away the turbulence of the world and filling it with its very own kind of anthemic rock chaos.

‘All In, Won Peace’ is available now on iTunes, or you can stream it above via Spotify.

Score: 7.5/10

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