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Review: The Whole Peace – ‘Extra Peaces’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: The Whole Peace – ‘Extra Peaces’

Best described as a mystical rock experience, The Whole Peace are an enigmatic rock outfit with a passion for music, unity, and peace. Arguably one of Philadelphia’s most idealistic bands, The Whole Peace have gone from stride to stride in recent years, building on the experience and impressive nature of the previous record, ‘All In, Won Peace’ to create something of bold new energy.

The official follow-up to the past record, which we proudly reviewed back in January of this year, ‘Extra Peaces’ sounds as though it might be a hastily thrown together collection of extras; a catalogue of songs that didn’t quite make the cut the first time around, but thankfully, it goes some way beyond that.

Opening with a subtle nod to the previous album with a reprise of ‘The Waiting Game’, ‘Extra Peaces’ seamlessly blends with its predecessor, building on the sounds while also casting some deft backwards glances through the likes of an acoustic version of ‘No Shadow’. On more original grounds, tracks like ‘Big Step’ hit with a flurry of powerful electric guitar while ‘All We Can Say’ layers more sonic instrumentals with unchained vocals and a simply unstoppable energy.

Further afield, ‘Out of Time’ rallies around an emotive central melody and heavy, reverberating sound, and ‘Certain Tea’ dives headfirst into rapid-fire punk energy, wielding fractured notes and diabolic riffs with ease as it distorts itself into frantic metal territory. It’s a surprising change of pace, but it’s not the last, as the album then takes a distinct left turn and closes on the electronic-infused glamour of ‘Eyes Saw A Skyward Sailor’.

While it might start as a cohesive addition to The Whole Peace’s catalogue, ‘Extra Peaces’ quickly descends into a frantic melee of styles and sounds that hit without warning and refuse to be tamed. There’s a visceral, transient nature and the record never quite settles, leaving you to wonder what fresh spark might land next and set the whole thing ablaze. It’s genuinely hard to characterise and even more difficult to explain, leaving its mark with a state of joyful bewilderment.

You can find ‘Extra Peaces’ on Spotify and iTunes now.

Score: 7/10

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