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Review: Through Infinity – ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Through Infinity – ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’

A multi-national and multi-genre band that formed only last year in 2017, Through Infinity have covered ground quickly. Founded by guitarist, songwriter, and composer Josip Pešut, Through Infinity evolved throughout the recording process of their debut album, ‘The Life’, with Tomo Bačurin on keyboards, Mario Huljev providing vocals, Tomislav Lacković on bass, Damir Šomen on drums, Antony Reynaert on guitar, and Father-Daughter team of Safiudin and Đulijana Alimoski on woodwind and traditional instruments.

A creative collective, the band have recently revealed their debut album album after approximately eight years of work, persistence and endurance. The result, is eleven tracks of unblemished and robust with musical prowess, led by the cinematic joy of new single ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’.

A lavish combination of orchestrated music infused with elements of progressive rock and vivid electronics, ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’ is a track that is perfect represented by its accompanying music video. Built on footage of the stunning Croatian South Velebit Natural Park and Zrmanja Canyon, the scenery matches the power of the track, adding impact to the heartfelt message that lies within the piece.

A song that at its core is about the wrong that man do, the self-interest, and the part of human nature that is capable of running over everything for material gain. It’s a unique track for the band, arriving as a ‘vocal edition’ of an instrumental track that first surfaced on their debut album. Impressively, the track has been recreated faithfully, with the vocals adding to the textures of the song rather than eclipsing it, and the arching harmonies of the track enhanced by Huljev’s vocals.

Almost classical, medieval in tone, ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’ is an unique take on modern music that is empowered by it’s Eastern European roots. It’s well-orchestrated, paced to create both entertainment and impact, and polished to a sharp, anthemic point.

Watch the stunning video above, and stream the band's debut album ‘The Life’ in full on Through Infinity’s official SoundCloud page by clicking here.

Score: 7.5/10

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