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Review: TJ F1GH – ‘50 Shades Of Blind’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: TJ F1GH – ‘50 Shades Of Blind’

A blind rapper from Sioux City, Iowa, TJ F1GH first started rapping about four years ago, taking to the mic with a passion and confidence that goes well beyond his young years. Hitting the ground running, TJ has already proven his mettle with two previous releases, building his sound and pushing himself towards his third and arguably most impressive release, ’50 Shades OF Blind’.

Inspired by the likes of Swollen Members, Lil Wayne, and Atmosphere, the new EP is a collaborative effort, offering eight distinct tracks that TJ recorded with local artists and friends across Iowa. It’s a release that creates an instant sense of magnitude, hitting hard with rapid-fire verse and creative beats that reflect TJ’s upbringing and life in Sioux City. It’s a maelstrom of bravado, talent, and slick production, flowing with a diverse tapestry of creative whims and strong artistic personas.

From the opening anthem of ‘Sioux City Superstars’ to the closing refrain of ‘Misery Loves Company’, TJ’s collaborative EP sparks with a sense of expansion, crossing boundaries, both musically and artistically to create something of diverse and enduring power.

Available now on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp, ’50 Shades of Blind’ both promises and delivers big things, presenting a unified and wonderfully illustrative look into the talents of TJ F1GH and his compatriots.

Score: 8/10

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