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Review: Tohi – ‘Out The Box’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Tohi – ‘Out The Box’

A rap artist living the high life in Los Angeles, Tohi started his music career at the young age of thirteen, claiming the title of ‘the first Persian rapper’ for himself. Forced to perform illegally in his native Tehran where rap music is prohibited, Tohi chased his dreams in private, refining his sound and forging his path in secret. After relocating to Dubai for two years, Tohi was finally able to create music openly, and after laying the foundation for his career, he moved to London in a bold step that would make him one of the most exciting acts around.

After several years of honing his craft, Tohi has gone on to perform at major venues such as Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg, The Global Arena, Stockholm and HMV Forum London O2, ensnaring audiences and winning awards like the ‘Best Hip-Hop and R&B Act’ for DAF BAMA Music Awards 2016 and 2017. Tohi’s music has been streamed over two hundred million times and to date, over five million people follow him on social media, making him a dynamic and unstoppable force in music.

His latest release, ‘Out The Box’ is another modern anthem that would feel at home amongst some of this year’s biggest hip-hop singles. Instantly familiar with its mix of vibrant, digital sounds and mix of deep, rolling vocals contrasts Tohi’s own soaring tones, ‘Out The Box’ brings high energy and infectious hooks unashamedly to the forefront of its structure.

While admittedly not the most lyrically gifted or musically complex track, ‘Out The Box’ revels in creating a sense of atmosphere and fun. It’s vibrant, well-polished, and instantly catchy, changing the energy in the room for the better whenever it’s played, and if that’s not the hallmark of a successful hip-hop/RnB track, that we don’t know what it.

Score: 8/10

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