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Review: Torizon – ‘The Singles Collection’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Torizon – ‘The Singles Collection’

The creative brainchild of Ash and Mish, Torizon are a Brisbane four-piece based rock band with a penchant for heavy driven sounds and progressive rock anthemics. Influences by the likes of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Mastadon, Chevelle and The Butterfly Effect, the band have been carving up their local music scene with a string of acclaimed singles, stepping into the spotlight with passion, power, and an unstoppable sound.

Produced by Robb Torres and Capitol Records, the singles perfectly illustrate the band’s signature heavy rock sound, weaving raw, emotive melodies with hard-hitting grooves and sonic, expansive vocals. An uncompromising vision, ‘The Singles Collection’ is a landmark stream of visceral rock cuts, opening with ‘Hey You’, a massive introductory anthem that fires on all cylinders, forging instant comparisons with The Pretty Reckless. It’s a huge opening release, and it’s just the beginning.

Second cut ‘Falling’ drives with a far more atmospheric sound, seamlessly transitioning between upbeat rebellion and more emotive, lingering sounds that culminate in more typically massive choruses. It’s a more textured and emotionally powerful piece, illustrating a more nuanced side to the band than its predecessor. Closing numbers ‘Shine On’ and ‘Immerse’ carry forward the same complex anthemics, cutting a rough and ready path through the silence, filling the airwaves with uncompromising sparks of heavy rock brilliance and Mish’s incredible vocals.

Inspired by real events and true emotional experiences, Torizon’s singles have an unwavering authenticity about them, backing the heavy sounds with powerful, personal connections to make an unstoppable musical tour de force. Set to record their next release in L.A. midway through 2020, Torizon are proving they are at the very forefront of Australian music.

You can stream the band’s single on Soundcloud above, or on Spotify and YouTube.

Score: 9/10

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