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Review: True Delusions – ‘Song for Judee Sill and Other Songs’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: True Delusions – ‘Song for Judee Sill and Other Songs’

Another of music’s blossoming enigmas, True Delusions is an evolving project that has come from the shadows of indie music and started to shine on the mainstage. Although True Delusions began life as a band, it wasn’t until the band broke up and transformed into a solo project before real musical progress was made.

A DIY album in every sense of the word, the project’s debut album, ‘Song for Judee Sill and Other Songs’ grew from one creative mind. Finished with the help of a series of interns and an engineer found on Craigslist, the album was recorded in just four days at Minnehaha Recording Company., bringing to life twelve tracks of unique identity.

There’s a likeable DIY quality in True Delusions’ album, and each track has an authenticity that shines through the sparing, subtle flaws in production and sound. Songs such as ’The Novel Has Faded’ and ‘Old Earth Angel’ are perfect examples of this, with the poetic nature of the tracks struggling to fight through strained vocals, while the more delicate elements of the instrumentals sometime fade into the overall shade of the song.

Ultimately, it’s a mixed bag of directions, tempos, and styles, mixing lingering, emotive songs with flash-in-the-pan, high-energy tracks to make a release that is unpredictable and fragmented. An album with plenty to offer on the surface, True Delusions' debut album is a DIY foundation from which something important can definitely grow.

Stream ‘Song for Judee Sill and Other Songs’ above, or grab your own copy of the album from True Delusions’ Bandcamp page here.

Score: 6.5/10

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