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Review: TyRellington – ‘Local Ye, Vol. 3’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: TyRellington – ‘Local Ye, Vol. 3’

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., TyRellington has been producing music since 2013, constantly refining and evolving his sound with each passing year until he had perfected it. Now twenty-eight and a member of SyceGame Ent., he has continued to grow his legacy and build his audience. With a broad production style that is primarily built on soul sampling, his style is organic and brilliantly creative, freely-flowing from one dynamic sound to another.

The name of his latest expansive project, ‘Local Ye’ is a play on what his friends would call him in high school, a favourable comparison rising from his look and production style. The third volume in a lasting saga, TyRellington’s new mix brings together eleven eclectic tracks that carry a distinct DJ Khaled vibe. An authentic slice of the DMV area, the album is a powerful, illustrative force, showcasing TyRellington’s beat-making abilities in vibrant fashion along with a revolving torrent of guest vocalists.

After moving through a reverb-soaked and soulful intro, ‘Local Ye, Vol. 3’ opens up with ‘Dead Prez’, a charming balance of soft, shimmering tones and Mai Sparrow’s fierce stream of vocals. It’s a delicate musical backing that sets the stage for a confident vocal style, creating a textured and brilliantly visceral sound that is so hard to pull yourself away from. A landmark single, ‘Dead Prez’ sets the tone for the album, offering up an intricate framework for the rest of the mixtape.

Tracks like ‘Good Night’ and ‘City Dreaming 2’ confirm the running theme of the arrangements, but they also bring their own sense of style and character thanks to the vocalists that they reflect. Following cuts like ‘Heatwave’ and ‘Dope Boy’ shake things up a bit with a waves of autotune and more erratic, collaborative flows, while ‘Hit This Lick’ and ‘Triumph’ brings the album to a steady, rolling close, fading into the outro with a distinct soul sound and a contemporary hip-hop feel.

A strong mix that every artist involved can be proud of, ‘Local Ye, Vol. 3’ creates a strong and confident impression of TyRellington, one that both hardcore and casual fans of hip-hop will be able to get behind. You can stream the full mix above, or find it on Apple Music, Google Play, and Tidal by clicking here.

Score: 7/10

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