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Review: Tyril – ‘Tectonic Change’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Tyril – ‘Tectonic Change’

A musician with a penchant for rhythm and blues, rock, and pop, Tyril first became involved in writing lyrics, contributing to songs with his words, before evolving to create musical compositions and arrangements of his own. Eventually, Tyril began to bring more instruments into his arsenal of sounds, adding his vocals to tracks and crafting original songs of his own making. It was a long, but rewarding creative process, one that has finally brought to life his debut album, ‘Tectonic Change’.

Although Tyril main focus has always been on rock, pop, and RnB, his debut album goes further than those three genres. An expansive and colourful affair, ‘Tectonic Change’ brings together an hour of collected works into one massive release.

A seasoned drummer, it’s the percussion that really shines on the album, adding to the funk-edge of each track and pushing the songs forward with clarity and true energy. Tyril’s vocals are admittedly rough, not always hitting the mark, but not always detracting from the songs either, landing in a middle ground between moving and meandering. Songs like ‘Supermoon’ and ‘Basement Sweat’ are pure 70’s nostalgia, blasts from the past the cling to their groove with every electric note, while the four instrumentals are welcome breaks within the album that let the listener lose themselves in the music.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘DJ Extra-Terrestrial’ brings some interesting digital flourishes, ‘Cairo Tokyo Rio (Eat That Frog)’ bring some intriguing international sounds, and ‘Ghosts of Crab Street’ rattle and rolls its way through a stream of ambient, smoky sounds.

It’s a diverse and evolving rally of old school sounds and out-dated arrangements, and genuinely entertaining mixes, and in an odd way it becomes a very polarising release. For a modern audience, ‘Tectonic Change’ will offer little excitement, but for those who want a heavy dose of 70’s funk nostalgia, it’ll be a very welcome release. A passion project for sure, Tyril’s album is a ticket to another world, one that you can only sit back and let happen.

‘Tectonic Change’ is available to stream now on Spotify above, or you can find it on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play.

Score: 6.5/10

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