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Review: United Duality - ‘Chanson de Malheur’ (Feat. Céline Schmink)

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: United Duality - ‘Chanson de Malheur’ (Feat. Céline Schmink)

When we first met United Duality he had thrown himself in the expansive legacy of The Beatles. Taking lead from the Liverpool legends, United Duality created ‘Sexy Sadie Passed Away’, a rolling alt. rock piece that took inspiration from both The Beatles’ own work and the celebrated documentary ‘David Wants To Fly’. It was a track that highlighted United Duality’s collaborative style and penchant for taking nostalgic classics and updating them in a refreshing, modern way.

Crossing the channel and taking inspiration from infamous lovers Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, United Duality’s latest single is a heart-warming French chanson set in the heart of Paris and featuring vocals from the wonderful Céline Schmink.

From the first sultry notes of Schmink’s vocals, the song is utterly captivating. Soft, emotive, and filled with a deep romantic nature that captures the essence of love, everything about her performance in the track is breath-taking. It’s a shame then that shortly after the hushed introduction to the song, the instrumentals flow counter to Schmink’s own harmony. It’s brief, but continuous, with burst of competition between the sounds marring the delicate balance that starts off the piece.

It’s a subtle, but noticeable disruption in atmosphere that drastically alters the balance of the piece, warping the romantic, almost tactile atmosphere of the piece. It’s a shame, because the initial sentiment of the track places it firmly on the line of ‘Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus’. While the louder, more verbose composition might have worked wonders in the psychedelia-tinged ode to The Beatles, you can’t help wonder what impact ‘Chanson de Malheur’ might have with a more restrained, feathered touch.

You can stream ‘Chanson de Malheur’ for yourself now on both SoundCloud above or Spotify.

Score: 6.5/10

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