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Review: Untitled Art – ‘The Change (Part 1)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Untitled Art – ‘The Change (Part 1)’

Combining extended synth waves with flourishes of distorted rage, Untitled Art is a music project that revels in life’s contrasts. Pursuing a sound that is both manic and clam, gentle and heavy, and unyielding crossover between modern electronics and classic rock. The sonic brainchild of musical maestro David Sempier, Untitled Art is a complex and wonderfully detailed project that sculpts vivid sounds from the most unlikely of arrangements.

Back with a brand new cut, Untitled Art has once again stepped into the modern spotlight, building on the critical acclaim received from the likes of Independent Music News, Jamsphere, and Sleeping Bag Studios. Titled ‘The Change (Part 1)’, the new track is a building electronic anthem that breaks like a visceral rallying cry. A song that takes its time in evolving to its full anthemic sound, ‘The Change (Part 1)’ is just as calculated as Sempier’s earlier release and reimagined covers.

It’s a song that pushes the limit without overstepping, bringing loud, brash energy and backs it with equally forcefully grooves. It’s well-placed effort, and the decision to not underplay the otherworldly production makes every part of the track shine just that little bit brighter. It’s a brilliantly irresistible piece that showcases Sempier’s unique creative space, and we can only hope there’s more to come.

‘The Change (Part 1)’ can be streamed above via SoundCloud, or you can grab your very own copy of the unique single on iTunes by clicking here.

Score: 8/10

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