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Review: Vetnough – ‘The Witches’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Vetnough – ‘The Witches’

A three-piece indie rock band based in Tampa, Florida, Vetnough have developed a love of dark indie sounds, blending a creative use of synths with elegant, portion percussion and sultry vocals that are to die for. After making a name for themselves on the local scene, the trio of lead vocalist Julia Powell, keyboardist Carlos Reyes, and drummer Christina Piasecki set their sights beyond the Tampa horizon, kicking out into the modern music scene with a sensational new EP.

Titled ‘Tired Sounds’, the EP was a fitting end to a massive year for the band, bringing to the fore five intricate and wonderfully dark tracks. Part new wave and part modern age, the EP garnered acclaim from critics and fans alike, and while each track helped build the release, one of the highlights was most definitely ‘The Witches’.

Built upon a dark vibe, ‘The Witches’ builds through the clever use of imaginative synth sounds and an elegant drum beat to add suspense. Julia brings in her dark sultry, creating an evolving world that eclipses our won reality for the full near-seven minute run.

A stunning introduction to their sound, ‘The Witches’ exemplifies everything that makes ‘Tired Sounds’ impressive. You can stream the single above alongside its official video, and listen to the full EP on Spotify and all major platforms.

Score: 8/10

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