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Review: Villes Villa – ‘Freak Show’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Villes Villa – ‘Freak Show’

An artist to lives and breaths with a creative flow, Villes Villa is set on being different. Constantly innovating, and always focused on making classic hits that will stand the test of time, he’s a lyricist with a penchant for writing catchy lines and eclectic musical hooks. Born and raised in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Villes is one half of musical duo, ALDB, a collaborative blending of distinctly different styles. Under the ALDB banner, Villes is constantly “dropping the best written’s you ever heard” (his words), while his solo work is reserved purely for dynamic freestyles.

One such freestyle track is ‘Freak Show’, a unique rap cut that he dropped on his Soundcloud page just five days ago. With over two-thousand streams already, it’s clear that the track has potential to be a big break for the aspiring artist, and from the reactions of his fans, you would be convinced that there’s nothing standing in its way.

Opening onto a dramatic series of digital tones, ‘Freak Show’ quickly evolves into a polished assault of quick-fire verse and copy-paste beats. Villes delivery is on point, ebbing and flowing with the changing tempo of the tracks, and as the melody veers and careens between slower, atmosphere choruses and break-neck verse, his vocals follow suit, never missing a beat and constantly looking to impress. Musically, ‘Freak Show’ is a cut above the mainstream, pushing aside basic beats and monotonous rhythms and carving his own path, never quite settling and always surprising.

In an over-saturated genre, its rare these days for a rap track to really make a mark and stick with you, but ‘Freak Show’ definitely does. It’s frantic energy and polished production creates an indelible contrast that sucks you in and never lets go, and even after the song has faded out of earshot, you can still hear Villes chanting “welcome to the freak show”. In the end, you can’t help but be impressed, and ‘Freak Show’ will have even the most anti-rap listeners admitting that Villes is on the right path with his fiercely different, but classic sound.

Score: 8.5/10

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